We want to build compact, dynamic ML training and inference processors
that are personalized, versatile and reconfigurable with changing environments.

We're an early-stage startup specializing in core microelectronics and carrying experience in development across the spectrum: from physical semiconductor engineering to high-level software development. Equipped with a standard set of principles of signal processing, machine learning, and computer architecture, along with the adoption of a new research paradigm in hardware/software co-design, we want to streamline the process of interpretation of neural signals by making custom integrated circuits (IC). We aim to aid neuroscientists and hospitals specializing in Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) in advancing healthcare. We envision, out ICs would make human brains more accessible to understand, create a new market for BCI devices, help tackle neural ailments, and pave the way for advanced neuroelectronic therapy.

“The successive transition from one paradigm to another via revolution is the usual developmental pattern of mature science.” - Thomas S. Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolution (1962).

We are two electronics engineers, who met during our graduate studies in the Netherlands. What brought us together was our mutual love and appreciation of the immense transformative impact microelectronics has brought in our society and how moving forward it would transform healthcare. In this sense, brain-signal decoding and stimulation was the field that inspired and challenged us the most. We knew it would require extreme use of microelectronics where performance, power, cost, security, reliability and programmability would become extremely crucial. This was a challenging endeavour and one that we knew we can succeed in with our combined efforts and passion for the craft. The idea of SyncMind was born. With the development of high-speed computing devices, complex networking capabilities, and machine intelligence in the last few decades, we are now capable of stepping into the new regime of unprecedented understanding of our brain and its associated ailments by means of high-speed, low-power inference integrated circuit engines. Our vision lies in advancing the research in neuroscience, neuroelectronic therapy, and bioelectronic interfaces in the modern era using SyncMind's integrated platform that would enable addressing these ailments by better probing of bioelectronic sensors and personalized real-time decision making based on true vital medical signatures arising in the brain. We understand not only the technical challenges to developing our Neural integrated platform but also the ethical implications and trust, so we decided to build SyncMind as an .org company rather than, .ai or .com. However, we intend to remain a for-profit start-up as the financial requirements of this endeavor requires high investments and profitability to grow.

Chief Executive Officer and co-founder
Integrated Circuit Design and Deep Learning
Chief Technology Officer and co-founder
Biomedical Microelectronics and Neural Implants

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