We are a full-stack computing and semiconductor engineering organization specializing in streamlining the process of interpretation of neural signals from the human brain.

SyncMind is developing an integrated Neural Platform which would aid neuroscientists and neurosurgeons accelerate research and diagnosis of neural ailments, pave the way for advanced neuro-electronic therapy and develop new applications of bio-electronics interfaces.

We aim to bring together a community of engineers, mathematicians, cryptographers, data scientists, geneticists and neuroscientists to create a reliable, secure and cutting-edge platform to extend the reaches of our understanding of the human brain.


We are building the full-stack computing platform for Neural Signal Processing, Deep Brain Stimulation, and AI for brain-computer interface applications.

Our work covers development of AI algorithms for time-series signal processing, design of optimized architectures in Memory and Processing System, and development of compilation tool-chain, Microarchitecture and Semiconductor devices for our integrated Neural Signal Processing and Inference platform.

We welcome talented engineers and developers in our team to work with us across all the layers of the computing stack.

You can e-mail us at to tell us more about yourself and contribute as a researcher or an open-source developer.


Currently we have no open positions.

To enquire about research projects with us, you can email our lead developers at